July  2020



Surrell Business Solutions is focused on Microsoft Dynamics GP. I am experienced in solving business problems using this platform. I know how it works and how to customize it, to fit your specific needs. I understand the Microsoft Dynamics GP database and how to integrate other applications with Microsoft Dynamics GP. I want to help your business users get what they need from information technology: more effective and efficient operations.

Business knowledge

I am well versed in business having a background in accounting, manufacturing, cost accounting, and distribution. I have worked in industry and have acquired knowledge through a mix of experience and formal education. I am a CPA, a CMA, and have an MBA. In addition, I am able to leverage the acquired knowledge I gain from exposure to the practices of my other clients. My diverse client base provides a wealth of knowledge from which I continually find new ways to improve efficiency in business process.

Results oriented

I focus on the results you want and I deliver them. By working closely with your in-house staff, I make sure that the whole project team understands and is involved in the creation of new systems and operations. By leveraging my experience and knowledge I can reduce the time and effort spent to achieve your goals. In short, I deliver results that work.

Cost effective

I understand that cost is always a concern, so I only provide the highly experienced resources you really need. I intentionally keep my company efficient and my overhead low so that I can remain a cost effective choice for my clients.

I will be here when you need me

I have a deep personal pride in my success with you. Providing exceptional, personal service has enabled me to form long term relationships with my clients that have lasted through the years. I've been helping my clients to manage systems and operations projects for 23 years. You can count on me to be there when you need me, anytime, day or night, seven days a week.